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About Peachycheap.com

I am the mother of two boys and I am always trying to find ways to stretch the almighty dollar while my husband is

going to school.  When I walk into most stores, I walk straight to the clearance section.  I find pride in getting

the things that I need and want with the least amount of money.  I created PeachyCheap.com so that I can pass on

the great savings that I find and give you an unbelievable deal everyday! 


For all of the penny-pincher, frugal, thrifty, or just plain PeachyCheap scrapbookers out there, this site is for

you!  Now you can get the great scrapbooking products that you want at an awesome price!  You can’t afford not to

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Your part is simple; just visit www.PeachyCheap.com everyday to check out the fabulous deal of the day. 

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Happy shopping!