Jillibean Soup Shaker Fill Balls/Sequin/Jewel/Veneer Mega pack

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Today’s Peachy deal is a Jillibean Soup Shaker Fill Balls/Sequin/Jewel/Veneer Mega pack. You will receive 2 LARGE  sets  and 3 smaller sets of  different shaker fill/chunky glitter/Sequins. The 2 large sets are Foam Ball with foam ball Shaker Fill embellishments in red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal and purple.  Wood veneer shapes included in the package. Pieces are in the shapes of stars, hearts, arrows and more. The 3 small sets are Sequins Neutral in Gold, Silver and Black, Birthday Jewels/Sequins with 3 different shapes and colors and lastly Watercolor Jewels and Sequins with 3 different shapes, colors and sizes of filler.